What is the best flat screen TV – LCD or Plasma?

There has been a long running argument regarding which type of flat screen TV is best – LCD or PLASMA. Similar to debates such as Ford VS Holden, both camps have their supporters.

Plasma Advantages: Displays black better. Better contrast. Wider viewing angles.

Plasma Disadvantages: Heavier. Bigger power consumption.

LCD Advantages: Lighter (easier to carry and better for wall mounting).

LCD Disadvantages: Light leakage between pixels. Can blur images in fast moving scenes. Expensive for big screen sizes.

Newer technology has narrowed the differences. It is now more about personal choice. Both TV’s produce excellent pictures.

For further investigation try the following websites:



Alternatively type “LCD VS Plasma” into your internet browser and literally thousands of websites are available discussing the topic.

Stop PRESS!! The new LED LCD screens have awesome pictures, are very light and are ultra thin. Check them out!!

LED TVs are most likely to replace both Plasma and old LCDs, as they have great pictures and are less power hungry.

So we can watch big screen pictures without killing the planet!!

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