What is Digital TV?

Free-To-Air TV has been broadcast in Australia using Analog signals since 1956.

Analog is now out-of-date and is being replaced by “Digital” transmissions.

Digital” simply refers to the new method that is being used to broadcast and receive TV signals.

The whole World is switching to Digital TV transmissions and Australians need to prepare so they can access the benefits of the Digital revolution.

Digital has several advantages over Analog transmissions such as:

  • Ability to transmit multiple channels.
  • Standard Definition Channels (that provide better images & sound than Analog).
  • High Definition Channels (higher resolution images & Dolby digital Surround Sound).
  • Ghost & Interference free reception.
  • Electronic Program Guides (EPG).
  • Closed captioning (For Deaf & Hearing Impaired).
  • Radio Channels (4 Digital radio channels are already available in the Hunter Area – ABC Digital Radio, ABC Digital Jazz, SBS Radio 1 and SBS Radio 2).

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