What is a Set Top Box?

A Set Top Box is a device that enables you to convert the digital signals so that they may be viewed on your existing Analog Television (via an AV input).

Set Top Boxes range from the bare basic Standard Definition models (not recommended) to High Definition models and some with features such as Hard Disc Drive recording.

Antenna Wizards recommend that Set top boxes should at least be capable of receiving the High Definition channels as there is at least one HD ONLY channel available per Network – ONE HD, GEM, 7Mate on Prime, ABC 24 News and SBS HD.

Whilst the Government is recommending Set Top Boxes as the easy solution, we believe that Set Top Boxes are a stop gap only and would normally be the choice only if you are on a limited budget.

Antenna Wizards recommend for our more technologically-challenged customers that a the better alternative may be to upgrade to a combination unit with an integrated (built in) High Definition Digital Tuner, such as Video/DVD, a DVD Recorder/Hard Disc Drive Recorder or a stand alone Hard Disc Drive Recorder (PVR), as they require fewer cables, are easier to use and there are less remote controls to juggle.

For customers who can afford to do so replacing their old analog TV with a new Digital TV may be the best option.

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