What are the advantages of getting digital equipment now?

There are some excellent reasons to convert NOW such as:

1) Digital only channels (as listed below).

  • ABC 2 – Channel 22. Has Kids shows on during the day and some excellent documentaries at night. It includes a mix of new shows, archival footage and repeats of ABC1 shows.
  • ABC 3 – Channel 23. Is initially slotted to to include at least 50% of Australian made content. This is expected to increase over time.
  • ABC NEWS – Channel 24. Is a 24/7 News channel. High Definition only.
  • HD ONE – (TEN Network) Channel 50. A 24/7 Sports channel. High Definition only.
  • ELEVEN – A variety of programs. ELEVEN is the new exclusive free-to-air home of two iconic programs, Neighbours and The Simpsons, and will cater to a distinctly youthful audience with an exciting line-up of all-new episodes including Dexter, Futurama, The Office, Supernatural, Californication, Smallville, Nurse Jackie, 90210 and So You Think You Can Dance US.

  • “GO” – (NBN Network) Channel 88. It includes a mix of Movies, Sci-Fi, Sitcoms, Crime/Law, Drama and Reality shows.
  • GEM – (NBN Network) Channel 80. GEM stands for General Entertainment Movies. It will target “females 35+ and is expected to screen new shows, cult favourites and reruns. High Definition only.
  • 7 TWO on Prime – Channel 62. A variety of programs including quite a few first run Prime time shows such as Lost, Heroes and 24, etc.
  • 7mate on Prime – Channel 63. It is aimed at men aged 16-49. High Definition Only.
  • For a complete list of available channels – go to our Digital TV Printable Channel List.

    2) To avoid the rush in the lead up to the Analog Switch-off. (We anticipate that many people will have a substantial wait to get work carried out closer to the Analog Switch-off. It is expected that there will be an influx of less experienced installers to cater for the demand, leaving consumers exposed to poor workmanship, cheap parts and no ongoing Warranty or support.)

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