New Homes – Planning Or Building

Are you planning or building a NEW Home?

If so there are some things you need to know NOW.

Generally speaking the Electrian who is wiring up the Electrical cabling for your new home will also prewire for TV antenna, telephone, data, etc; at an extra cost or part of a package. This is usually because they are onsite regularly throughout construction and the fit out stage.

You may find that you need to be more specific in your communication with the Electrician regarding your requirements in order to achieve exactly what you want. For example in a 2 storey dwelling, outlets required in the middle of the house downstairs CAN NOT be run after the gyprocking is completed, so your specific requirements need to be considered ahead of time. Building plans may specify a FOXTEL point, but the Electrician may not be aware that two(2) RG6 quad shield cables are required for each FOXTEL IQ service.

Prewiring of cables is also generally a lot cheaper than afterwards (once gyprock is completed).

The Australian Standard for Digital TV cabling requires the use of high quality RG6 Quad shield coax. Most Electrician are aware of this now but not ALL!

Prewired TV Cables should all be run to a central position in the roof-space, but out of the way of ducted air conditioning systems. This allows for ease of location, installation and servicing.

In the case of a HUB system (a centralised system that combines TV, Satellite and telephone services), this work must be carried by an experienced and endorsed Electrician.

Some Electricians favour the use of “F” to “F” type wallplates(screw on fittings) for both TV and Satellite outlets. That is standard for Satellite wall-plates but Antenna Wizards recommend using “F” to PAL wallplates for Free-to-Air TV outlets as this aids identification as well as utilises Standard domestic leads that you may already have with your equipment.

Outlet height should also be decided when considering wall mounting of TV’s.

Many new TV’s now have Ethernet connections built in to them for direct access to internet services (such as youtube, Social Media, etc). To accomodate this a data cable should be be run from your intended Internet Router location to the TV outlet position.

If required Antenna Wizards can provide Pre-wiring services as well as provide advice regarding your requirements.

Once your home is completed and you are READY to move in, Antenna Wizards should be contacted. We can provide an obligation-free on-site quotation. If you are happy with our quote we can normally carry the job out On-the-Spot.