About Us

Antenna Wizards started in 1992 when UHF transmissions commenced in the Hunter area. By 2006 the business had carried out over 30,000 TV Antenna, Telephone and Electrical installations and employed a team of 14 people, with 5 service vehicles on the road in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Maitland.

In 2006 Antenna Wizards began restructuring as a co-operative of smaller, individually owned businesses. The Antenna Wizards Group now consists of Antenna Wizards (Newcastle), Antenna Wizards http://tadalafiltablets.net (Lake Macquarie), Antenna Wizards (Maitland) and Newcastle Electrical Wizards. It was a major change in the way we did business, but one which we believe has allowed us to deliver a better and more consistent level of service to our customers. All of the new owners are ex-employees.

Antenna Wizards (Lake Macquarie)

Owner: Richard Powell. Worked for Antenna Wizards for 4 years before taking over the Lake Macquarie division as Owner/Manager. He enjoys interacting with customers and the challenge of antenna installation.

Offsider: Greg Jenkins has been working for Antenna Wizards since 2000. He enjoys the outdoors, especially riding Motor bikes with his kids.

Antenna Wizards (Newcastle & Maitland)

Owner: Dave Parish. Had experience in Electrical appliance retail before training with Antenna Wizards. After several years, Dave took over the Maitland division as Owner/Manager. He enjoys most sports especially football and basketball. He has a keen interest in travelling overseas and exploring other cultures.

Newcastle Electrical Wizards -Contact Jason Wheatley on FREECALL 1800 180 180.