365 New Install

Digital Antenna Installation

This install is suitable for 90% of the hunter region and includes the supply and installation of:

1x Digital TV Antenna ( aligned with field strength meter in best signal location on roof )
1x Tripod Roof Mount (colorbond roof) or a Stayed Tile roof mount (waterproof and high wind secure).

1x RG6 Quad http://northcentralhealthdistrict.org/cialis-tadalafil/ Shield coaxial input cable from antenna to the roof-space.

1x “F” Type splitter and connect your Pre-Wired TV outlets.

Connect & Scan your TV’s READY for viewing.

5-YEAR parts & Workmanship Warranty (NB: we are the only antenna installers in the Hunter Valley that provides 5-YEAR Warranty as standard on all work)

Total Cost $365 Including GST